About Us

We are Fashion Re-Invented. We're Designer Recycle, Upcycle and Re-Design so you can wear it your own way.

We're a Perth Based Recycle store. We deal in secondary market goods. We are Low Waste, Sustainably and Ethical sourced, we're aiming for Zero waste fashion.
We scour the world looking for treasures and making sure even those non authenticated garments don't end up as landfill.  We upcycle and remodel to ensure eco friendly outcomes.
Fashion is the second largest Industry producer of waste, and we think every little bit helps!  Our Garments have been manufactured and have already had an impact on the Earth, so recycling and finding new homes, them makes us feel a little better. Buy nothing new, avoid fast fashion where you can, make better choices and shop circular fashion.

Sustainably & Ethically sourced

Recycled 'Circular" Fashion

Zero Waste- We Hate Landfill

The Brands we sell

We in no way represent to brands we sell. We deal in Secondary market Recycled goods only. We offer Authentic and also Bootleg which are designer items which are NOT authenticated. We just can't stand to see all these items end up as landfill, so we recycle, upcycle and re-invent. All items are clearly marked in descriptions but if you're not sure please drop us a line, we are more than happy to answer your questions on any of our products.

Some of Our Favourites